Uzbek sweets

Recently, there has been an interesting trend, people have become afraid of sweets like the plague, because it has become very popular proper nutrition, which does not allow the use of sweets. It and is clear, sweet and has a bad point! But, if you are an incorrigible sweet tooth and can’t imagine your life without dessert pampering, then you urgently need to go to Uzbekistan! We are serious! here you can eat sweets and not just not afraid of it, but even get a benefit for your body. Sounds like science fiction? And we will prove it to you!

Since ancient times, Eastern sweets were valued all over the world. But at the time of the terrible Eastern rulers, recipes for sweets were kept in the strictest secrecy, and only people of the upper class of that time could eat them. But over time, with the development of trade relations and intertwining cultures, recipes began to spread and all people knew the gastronomic surge of emotions that enveloped everyone without a single chance of indifference. And now let’s talk, in fact, about sweets that, as we promised you, will benefit your body. The fact is that all Eastern sweets in Uzbekistan are prepared exclusively from natural products. They are so delicious, satisfying and healthy that no other delicacy stands next to their properties and rich taste. No event is complete without Oriental sweets, and the guest, first of all, is served freshly brewed tea with sweets. By the way, a tea party or a kind of tea ceremony occupies a special place for every Uzbek. When an Uzbek invites you to tea, regardless of your place of residence and nation, you become a part of the Uzbek people. Many delicacies are prepared for certain festivals and national holidays, which is, in its own way, a symbol of the event. For example, sumalyak, a delicacy sweetness of the Turkic peoples. In Uzbekistan, it is made in the spring period for the holiday of Navruz. The main ingredient is wheat. It is cooked for about 10 hours, stirring continuously. This is a whole ceremony, when all the residents of the mahalla (microdistrict) come together and cook this wonderful dish all night for fun and positive conversations. It turns a dark brown color, something like chocolate, and it is very sweet. But you will be surprised when you learn that not a gram of sugar is added there. This is surprising, but thanks to the gifts of nature and the culinary skills of the Uzbek people, it turns out to be unusually delicious and useful. You can learn more about sumalyak in our article dedicated to this dish.

Also, a snow-white delicacy called Nishalda is prepared for the Navruz holiday. It is a boiling white color, like sweet snow melting in your mouth. Once tasted, the taste of this delicacy will strike your heart with its arrow of gastro-love! By the way, it will not be difficult to prepare it, just beat the whites to sharp peaks, adding a thin trickle of sugar to taste. Remember? Every time you prepare this dessert, its bright, but at the same time delicate taste will send you on wings to the comfort of Uzbek hospitality, settling in a corner of your memory, as a balm for the soul of Eastern beauty.

And navvat crystals… so this is just a sight to behold! You can hardly tear your eyes away from the shimmer of sugar crystals, playfully shimmering in the rays of the Uzbek sun. This Uzbek sweetness, in addition to its taste qualities, has a number of medicinal properties. Navvat strengthens the immune system, is used for coughing to soften it, for sore throats, for hypothermia, it is irreplaceable, as well as for loss of strength, gives energy and a great mood. It is put in tea, or dissolved as a Lollipop.

White pads of boundless sweetness, which will be little and little! This is parvarda. Uzbek sweets made from flour, sugar and lemon juice. They melt in the mouth, and in combination with various herbs that are added to them, they have subtle notes of unusual tastes and medicinal properties. Next to them is another snow-white delicacy-pashmak. It is made in the form of sweet, thin threads, rolled into a ball. When biting, they crunch pleasantly, and before you have time to bite them off, they will melt on your lips, like a gentle kiss of Cupid-sweet tooth.

Also, along with sweets, you will definitely find Halva. This is one of the most famous sweets of the East, which is made in such an assortment that your eyes will run away from the variety. In different regions of Uzbekistan, halva is made in different ways. Many types of halva are made by hand according to old recipes, the secrets of which are known only to hereditary cooks, who pass the recipe from generation to generation. Halva is very useful, as it is added seeds, nuts, and oil. It gives strength and has only a positive effect on the body.

We gave you a little information about sweets, but this is a drop in the ocean compared to the rows of sweets in the bazaars of Uzbekistan, where in addition to the above-mentioned treats, you can buy useful and incredibly sweet dried fruits, pastila, chak-chak, baklava, and much more. You haven’t heard of them? So come to Uzbekistan, we will tell you everything, show you and will not let you go without treating you to Oriental treats.

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