Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a unique country with an unforgettable beauty of the East, original culture and rich history. But you knew that in addition to this wealth, Uzbekistan is famous for its cuisine. And no matter whether you are a sophisticated gourmet with the finest taste or just a lover of delicious dishes, the culinary delights of Uzbekistan will not leave you indifferent so much that your heart will beat faster at every thought of Uzbek cuisine!

Each region of Uzbekistan is famous for its culinary features, which are unique and represent the culinary art of Uzbekistan in the overall picture. There are so many types of pilaf alone, just a sight to behold! Recipes were formed against the background of the historical development of cultural ties between different peoples, having absorbed all the best, because historically important trade routes passed through the Tashkent, Fergana and Samarkand oases, intertwining the cultures of different peoples. The sedentary lifestyle has affected the culinary features of this region by the extensive use of legumes, cereals, fresh vegetables and sweet fruits that adorn the dishes of the Uzbek people like diamonds on a Golden crown. Friendship with nomadic peoples also reflected in Uzbek cuisine in the love of meat and dairy products. And aromatic spices and vitamin-rich greens add notes of unique combinations and unforgettable taste sensations. This is why the cuisine of Uzbekistan is so rich, useful and diverse. After all, we come to mind the brightest colors, Eastern refinement of tastes and the aroma of incomparable spices. Then we went on a fascinating tour of regional dishes of Uzbekistan. Hold on tight! It is so addictive and exciting that you will not notice how time has passed. Let’s start with the capital – the city of Tashkent. They say that a true resident of Tashkent must be able to cook a Naryn dish. This is thinly sliced noodles, to which thinly sliced horse meat is added. Decorate this dish with fragrant pieces of horse sausage, special preparation. The technology of cooking Naryn is very complex, but you can participate in a unique master class on cooking Naryn, during which you will spend time in a real Uzbek family, which will please you with its cordiality and hospitality, show you how to prepare Naryn, reveal the main secrets of its preparation, which are known only to skilled chefs. You will also have a great opportunity to taste a very satisfying and healthy dish Mashkichiri – porridge of mash with rice that just melts in your mouth, Bedana-shurpa-quail soup, so Golden and fragrant! And in Tashkent, they prepare unique airy and crunchy tortillas-OBU non. As soon as the cakes are brought into the room, the entire room is filled with an incomparable aroma.

Have you ever tasted rich soup in clay pots that is served so fresh that it still boils when it is on the table in front of you? No? Then we will take you to Samarkand, where you can taste this unusual soup, snacking on hearty Samarkand tortillas, as well as chakka-palov – separate pilaf, which is served on the table in layers. It differs significantly from the Tashkent pilaf in both taste and cooking technology. And you will also taste a delicacy in Samarkand that you will not find in any other region-Gilmindi. This is the thinnest dough, which is even thinner than paper, it is wrapped in a snow-white filling of milk and sugar. Mmm, you’ll lick your fingers!

Visiting Bukhara, after a fascinating tour, you will suddenly realize that your stomach is grumbling, and then you will come to the aid of Shurpa-a high-calorie, but at the same time very useful bone broth with lamb meat and vegetables, most often put potatoes, carrots, garlic, turnips, which saturates it with vitamins and unique taste. And you should definitely try the Bukhara pilaf-Sufi Osh, which is considered the most dietary.

Visiting Khiva, you can try an unusual dish-tukhum-Barak. These eggs are wrapped in a thin dough, something like dumplings, or rather even dumplings and they are not cooked in water, but steamed! You will also be treated to a dish called Shivit-Osh in Khiva. So when you are served this dish, you will feel like a real gourmet, immediately recognize it by the test of green color. Do not be afraid, it is extremely useful, since it is prepared with dill tincture, which gives the dough a pleasant green color. And having tasted this dish, you will feel closer to nature itself.

The cities of the Fergana valley are famous for pilaf made from a special variety of Devzira rice. Nowhere is pilaf made from this rice as delicious as in Fergana. And the fish on the spit, just will not leave you indifferent.

But do not think that this list of dishes is limited to all the culinary diversity of Uzbek cuisine. We have listed the most basic, but going on a gastronomic tour of Uzbekistan, you will taste much more, tastier and more colorful! You will visit master classes on cooking pilaf, dymlyama (a dish that is famous in the Fergana valley, which is made from the freshest stewed meat with vegetables), Naryn, dolma, shashlik, etc. Some of these dishes are easy to prepare, so you can adopt the cooking technology for yourself and please your loved ones with Oriental delicacies, the flavors of which will fill your family dinner with the traditional spirit of the Uzbek people.

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